August 4, 2021
DIY A-frame Rabbit Hutch

DIY A-frame Rabbit Hutch

If you’re one of the many people who have rabbits as pets, I don’t blame you. The fact that they’re cute should be reason enough but there are other advantages, too. For example, they’re quiet, easy to train, and they bond closely with their owners.

Here are some fun facts about rabbits: their pregnancy period lasts just 28 to 31 days. A female rabbit can give birth to as many as 18 kits (baby rabbits) at one time. And – wait for it – it can get pregnant again just moments after giving birth. So yes, they multiply pretty fast and you have to provide a home for them.

When it comes to housing rabbits, most owners prefer hutches than cages. Hutches provide better outdoor protection from the elements, predators, and whatnot. You can build a rabbit hutch all by yourself.

Here’s a unique idea for your pets: an A-frame rabbit hutch that is sturdy and safe. And it’s lightweight, too so you can easily move the hutch from one place to another.


  • 3 pcs 4ft long 2×2’s
  • 3 pcs 3ft long 2×2’s
  • 2 pcs 8ft long 2×2’s
  • 1 4×8 sheet plywood
  • 1 roll hardware cloth
  • 4 small hinges
  • 2 small latches
  • 1 box 1.5in 4d nails
  • 1 bottle of wood glue
  • Spray paint or small bucket of paint (optional)


  • Hammer
  • Staple gun/strong stapler
  • Screwdriver
  • Saw
  • Wirecutter

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Thanks to HeatherP2 for this great project. You can get step-by-step instructions here

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