August 4, 2021
Turn a small closet into a dog bedroom!

Turn a small closet into a dog bedroom!

OK, here’s a really cute idea for those of you who have a dog at home. Instead of the unattractive kennel, why not give your fur baby his own bedroom!

Dog Bedroom

If pets are family, then they definitely should have their own bedroom! But of course we’re not talking about a full-size bedroom – any small room or space will do. You can use a small closet. Or if you have an awkward corner space that you can’t think of any good use for, then perhaps turning it into a dog bedroom is the perfect idea!

Now just like with us humans, dogs would only love their bedrooms if they are nicely designed and decorated…

Here’s a list of things you can put in your pet’s bedroom:

  • A beautiful bed or sofa bed (with a blanket for the colder seasons)
  • His/her or your photos together in picture frames
  • Wall art decals or Wallpaper accent
  • Small bone-shaped rug
  • A little lamp for some lighting
  • A small dresser (if you like dressing up your dog for different occasions)
  • A plant (for fresh air; make sure to choose a plant that is not toxic to pets!)

Now if you are a cat owner you can also try and do this project. But you have to make sure that his/her bed is really good or they would just ignore their bedroom!

Got a small closet to spare? Now, you’ll have some use for it 🙂

Check out these ideas we have for you below for some inspiration!

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