August 4, 2021
Washing Machine and Dryer Pedestal

Washing Machine and Dryer Pedestal

Laundries are often the smallest room in the house (if you’re even lucky enough to have a dedicated laundry room). Every bit of space counts and should be properly utilized.

DIYWashingMachinePedestal02DIY Washing Machine and Dryer Pedestal

A pedestal or stand for your dryer or washer is a perfect way to create storage space, and allow you to easily access front loading washing machines and dryers. However, most of the stronger pedestals you’ll find in the market today tend to be quite expensive.

This pedestal project will bring your machines up to a more ergonomic height while creating storage space underneath for washing baskets or other necessities. And it’s a project that won’t break the bank.

It’s a DIY project that you can accomplish easily in a day. The materials needed are inexpensive. It’s a project that will return great value from the time and effort you invest in building one.

Isn’t this a great project for the weekend?

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  • 3/4″ or thicker Plywood
  • 2×4″ Wood
  • Glossy Paint
  • Screws/Nails


  • Saw
  • Drill/Hammer
  • Sander



Make measurements around the base of your washer and dryer. My measurement was 27″ around, a perfect square. Mark this measurement ion the plywood. This will serve as the top panel where the washer and dryer would sit. 27″ x 27″.


Make measurements for the height of your pedestal. Here, the height for my pedestal was 15″. Most pedestals are around this height range.

Mark your measurement for height on the plywood and also your length. This will serve as the side panels. In this case two 15″ x 27″. (again, have Home Depot cut it)

Measure and mark the 2″ x 4″s. Two 25″ for the length and four 13″ for the height. The four 13″ would serve as the leg support.

*note* 25″ is the length because the plywood was about an inch thick. Depending on the thickness of your plywood, you just have to make the necessary adjustments. You don’t want the side panels protruding on the side. We want to seamlessly connect the woods.

To do this, just subtract the thickness of the 2 side panels from the main length of the base of your washer or dryer. That will be the length of your 2×4’s. Hope that made sense.


Cut the plywood — Top Panel and Side panels. Cut the 2″ x4″s.


Connect the one 25″ with the two 13″. You can use nails or screws whichever you feel comfortable. I use screws this way I prevent the would from cracking. Also, I drilled a hole before I screwed it in.

Do the same with the other 25″ and two 13″.


Connect the 2 x 4’s into the side panels. Secure using screws or nails.


Place the top panel in place. Secure using screws and nails.

To cover the back, measure from each end of the side panels. That will be your size. Height will still be 15″.


Now paint that beautiful work of art to match your washer and dryer.


You can brush or spray paint it! Whichever you choose, be creative!


You don’t have to go paint areas that would be covered by your machine and wall.


And you’re done!

Are your laundry machines located outdoors, in a more open area? Even perfect! These pedestals could serve as protection for the bottom parts of your electronics. It would keep them nice and clean, away from dirt.

To make this more suitable outdoors, finish it with some metal sheet at the bottom edges or apply waterproof coating on the entire pedestal.

Thanks to raxel for this great project!

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